Today is a good day for a competition because the French cover for Age of Assassins (Bragelonne Jan 2018) was released, and what a beautiful thing it is. (Keep going past it once your eyes are suitably feasted though, there’s free stuff down there.)   Anyway, you’re probably reading this because you follow me on … More (Not) A COMPETITION.


Welcome Humans! I am Barbara, the competition weasel[1], master[2] of competitions and I bring you a competition that may, nay, even will, CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. See here, Human, a copy of the book, AGE OF ASSASSINS by RJ Barker, author of such books as Age of Assassins and the forthcoming Blood of … More Competition.


I just, out of the blue, remembered a thing that happened a long time ago. I was going to tweet it but it requires set up so I shall put it here. If, like me, you look a little different to what is considered to be ‘the thing’ sometimes people will shout stuff at you … More Confusion.


The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the looming trees have gone to be replaced by a picture.  It’s a detail from a piece called ‘Approaching Maniyadoc’ by the incredibly talented Tom Parker and I think a print of it (not sure what size) will be given away with the hardback special editions of … More Imagery.