To be quite frank, I don’t half witter on about nonsense sometimes but I’m told it’s quite amusing[1] so I don’t feel too guilty. Also, I always have such a wonderful time talking to people and I have a rule that if something is fun to do you should do it as often as possible. Anyway, here is a list of podcasts I’ve appeared on and generally laughed a lot on and then wandered off topic.


Breaking the Glass Slipper. (I don’t know what they did to deserve this but I’ve been on twice.)

Making realistic characters (with the fantastic Anne Smith-Sparks)

Interview About Age of Assassins


Books Geeks Uncompromised

Interview with RJ Barker


The Grim Tidings Podcast

Interview with RJ Barker (and a short reading from Age of Assassins.)


Starburst Brave New Words Live Podcast

Live Nonsense.



1 I never listen because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice.