I’ll be turning up soon at…


Book Event: Leeds Waterstones. 29th August.  An evening with Me, Genevieve Cogman and Adrian Tchaikovsky.   Tickets £3.     6.30 till some later time I am unsure of.

Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, London. 25th of September with Gavin G Smith and someone yet to be announced.

Fantasycon 2017. Peterborough.  Details TBC

Sledge Lit. Derby. Details TBC


GONE. Or Look at the fun you missed.

FANTASY IN THE COURT: Goldsboro Books 3rd of August More details here –


Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast Live

Friday 15:15 – 16:15, Alsace (Novotel London West)

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are genres created and loved by women as much as men, and yet the majority of the dialogue surrounding them still suggest that women are in the minority. Breaking the Glass Slipper is here to prove to all genre lovers that there is a place for female writers and great female characters amongst the men folk!

Megan Leigh, Lucy Hounsom, Charlotte Bond, Anna Smith Spark, RJ Barker

RJ Barker and Associates

(I didn’t think of that title) Reading and panel nonsense with the lovely Ed McDonald (BLACKWING), the lovely  Anna Stephens (GODBLIND) and overseen by my fragrant agent Ed Wilson.– 5pm, 4 August. The Pouilly Room

Technology for writers – Exploring the intersection between words and pictures – and how one becomes the other, from the brain to the screen: pens or computers (or software) through to the coffee machine and the telephone. How they help, hinder, or hijack things.  Anna Stephens (again!), Dr Tiffani Angus, Gregory Akerman and Kieron Gillen. 5pm, 5 August, Reims Room


EDGE LIT.  Derby Quad. 15 July.

Epic! Why is fantasy enjoying a new wave of popularity? Panel event 3pm-4pm, location: Cinema Two.  I’ll also be swanning about and if Anna Stephens is in a  good mood I’ll pop in to her workshop on ‘How Many Points of View is Too Many?’ (12 – 1 in the green room) to cause trouble.